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Tech Education in Easy Steps

If you can use Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail and Microsoft Word, you can do I.T 
That is what we believe, and that is why we provide the training that gives jobs 



Some facts you need to know about I.T jobs


Job growth

Employment of people working in IT occupation is expected to grow 12 percent from 2014 through 2024. About 488,500 jobs will be added during this period. Learn more...


The struggle for employers

More than 68% of companies are struggling to find qualified IT candidates and companies loose alot of money when they hire the wrong person. Learn more...


Increase in pay rate

I.T Professionals earned a median annual salary of $82, 860 in May 2016, compare this to the median annual wage of $37,040 for all other occupations. Learn more...


Current & future investment

More than 64% of companies are investing in I.T initiatives so they can hire the best and prepare for future challenges. Learn more...


Work-Force Diversity

Due to the need for diversity in the I.T workforce, There is a growing need for more women and minorities. Learn more...


I.T Certifications

I.T Certifications are quite valubale in the I.T industry. They serve as proof to companies that you  are qualified to...Learn more...

Many say I.T is HARD! Our job is to make it simple for you.

Training with us is simple

Why train with us 

We have many reasons

Amongst the many reasons why you should join us, we've selected a few below.

Qualified Instructors & Mentors

Our instructors are professionals working full time in their areas of specialty accross various industries. You are going to interface with them, and you will have access to them whenever you come across a technical concept that seems to be hard to understand. Our instructors will show you what a typical day at their job looks like. You will be exposed to all the technologies their companies use to drive innovation. We will train you from zero expereince to Pro.

The Best Training Content

We have partnered with some of the best online learning platforms you can find. Our content creation partners are known globally. The content that we have chosen for our students are the best you can find online. You will not only have access to our own instructors and mentors, but you will also have access with the team that help support other students that our partners support. Give us a try.

Self Paced & Affordable

Our training materials can be enjoyed at your own pace, there are no strict time as to when you should study. As a result of this we have made sure that the cost of our training materials and support is at a cost that interested students can afford. Take advantage of the current cost now so you can be part of this new
career change that many students will embark on.

What you will learn 

Fall Training Schedule

Let's give you an idea of the I.T areas you will be trained on

November 2018

How Computers & The Internet Works

More than 4 billion people are using the computer in one way or the other. And we have over 2 billion people connected online, now comes the question, how many people really know how computers all over the world are able to connect to each other. For you to be a professional I.T Engineer, you will need to know and be able to explain to a 4 year old child how her computer
work and how they talk to other computers across the globe.

December 2018                           

Computer Networking

Understanding the foundations of networking is paramount for any IT professional. This course covers the very basics. For those who have no idea of how computer networks work, this is a great starting point for learners who are interested in entry-level networking concepts and skills. Although the terminology involved when trying to understand the concept of computer networking might often feel
like you are listening to a foreign language. You dont have to worry because we got you covered. In this month, you will learn how the most important protocols on the Internet, like IP, TCP, and HTTP work together to deliver a web page from a server on the Internet to your desktop’s web browser.

January 2019

Cyber Security

The need for Cyber Security expert is in unimagined high demand. For you to secure a high paying I.T job, you will need to know to some intermediate or
advanced level of how to secure a computer and its underlying network infrastructure. In this month, you will be equipped with all the basic and intermediate knowledge of all the technologies and practices to operate as an I.T professional who is security conscious.

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We're here to help you Succeed!

Whatever your expereinces are with the computer, that don't matter to us, as long as you are willing to put in the work to study, we will turn you into a Pro. within few months.

It doesn't matter where you are with technology, it's our job to take you from zero to pro. in just a few couple of months

Whatever your work schedule is, we have crafted our curriculum to work with all kind of schedule you can ever imagine

Our contents are all in the cloud, with any device that has access to the internet, you can study from anywhere.


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